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Are you ready to RE-MEMBER? Join George in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia ~ September 2018


My session with George was very special. Most of all George connected me with my higher self and provided me with important knowledge about my soul purpose now and in other realms. This knowledge has had a profound effect on me and I feel my higher self so much more, so much closer. This is an essential tool for our times on this planet. George creates a rare space to be honest, open and even vulnerable and I thank him for holding that space for me. At least one private session with George is a must for anyone on this path.
Julie Gregg
Sharing time with George was a magnificent, sincere, heartfelt way to be share life and our unfolding journey at a profound and multidimensional level. I came away from our session energised and enriched with many new perspectives on my life and the unfolding Universal story we are living along with a greater clarity on my purpose here on Earth. I would recommend a session to anyone who is awakening to deeper levels of reality and needs a space of recognition, support and love in that process. I send you much love and thanks for everything George.