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Super Woo Radio Episode 07: Expanding to Higher Consciousness (MP3)

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  • Guest: Peter Tongue
  • Recorded: December, 2012
  • Running Time: 2 Hours 22 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 Audio 192k Stereo
  • File Size: 196mb

Peter shares his journey from successful Senior School Principal, rugby player and coach to radio host of Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation. He describes how his life’s journey has prepared him to walk the true, spiritual path of an authentic life. Using his experience and understanding of alchemy, meditation, teaching and healing, Peter now empowers people to open up to their own expanding path to higher consciousness.

We discuss his amazing experiences and the challenges as a teacher working with indigo children, his exploration ‘beyond science and technology to assist people in crossing over and facilitating healings of people with serious disease, challenges and trauma. We learn about real metallurgical alchemy, the hazards of working with an alchemical furnace and the consciousness of the mineral kingdom which provides tremendous insight into the process of transmutation and transformation of the human soul.

We go into very high levels of multidimensional discussion about the philosopher’s stone and the emerald tablet. Pete also shares his knowledge and work in discovering landscape zodiac formations on mother earth and the profound personal pilgrimage it takes people on. Peter also discusses his powerful new project of aligning alchemical crystals with the landscape zodiac to allow transformations into a higher level of being.

We finish on how the ‘womb space of creation’ is now fully embodying Mother Earth and humanity and coming into alignment to allow us to move into our new future of balance and harmony. Enjoy!

Peter Tongue's website is: