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Super Woo Radio Episode 29: Universal Dialogue Part 1 (MP3)

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  • Guest: Patricia Farrington
  • Recorded: July, 2014
  • Running Time: 2 Hours 49 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 Audio 128k Stereo
  • File Size: 155mb

This is an episode with a difference, where I am the one who is being asked the questions as a result of several conversations with my friend Patricia Farrington.  Patricia seems to know how to ask the questions in a uniquely deep way as they are from a place of experience, discovery and personal transformation, instead if the more common practice of intellectual deduction.  This conversation between two people who know that there journey through this Universe is reaching completion is not just another exercise in feeding the mind, but rather a dialogue that speaks straight from and to the Soul.  Something very special happens, an insight of monumental proportions surfaces during this exchange.  So please sit back, get comfy and enjoy this intriguing and revelatory dialogue.